The college continues to provide a rich environment which is intellectually stimulating and aesthetically pleasing. The hostel provides a wholesome atmosphere for living and learning. The hostel has been extended with a few more rooms in the year 2009. The hostel mess has been renovated with new flooring extending its way upto the corridor of the hostel down stairs. The existing hostel has been extended with 5 single rooms, a Dining Hall and a Study Hall in the first floor. As educators we try to utilize all possible opportunities, to inculcate proper sense of values through the curriculum and also develop an understanding of the critical factors affecting us today.The life of a student is a busy, wholesome one filled with new and varied things to do. The most important aspect of on-campus life is the opportunity it offers to develop self-discipline, inter-personal relationship and the sense of community responsibility along with the academic work. Hostel life in college endeavours to inculcate in our students the habit of honest hardwork.

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